Who We serve

Our services include providing intermediary services to insurers (underwriters), funeral scheme administration services to Funeral Homes and Small Business. And lastly, providing funeral cover directly to the public.

Our funeral cover services cater for both South African citizens and non-citizens provided they have a valid passport or Asylum permit.
We pride ourselves with various competitively priced funeral policy options at our clients’ disposal which are all underwritten by reputable and market leading underwriters. We guarantee professional service, advice, no hassles and more importantly compliance with the Long-term insurance Act and the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), previously the Financial Services Board guidelines.

Individuals & families

In the low to medium income earners, often as a result of income disparity some persons are not in a position to afford the high end long-term insurance i.e. life cover. Consequently, funeral cover is a more financially viable and appealing alternative to this market. This is primarily as a result of a lack of information, understanding of their rights and responsibilities, being misinformed and desperation.

Stokvels & Society Schemes

Societies are a pivotal pillar in our economy and the thread that holds many of our community members together in the endeavour to support each other financially. Funeral policies alike aid these schemes to prepare for the unexpected as a result providing a piece of mind and security for its members.

Funeral Parlours

Funeral parlours play a pivotal role in our communities in ensuring that at the time of need the bereaved family’s needs and requirements regarding the preparation for and execution of the funeral are taken care of.

Funeral parlours are well positioned to provide a holistic services to their clients as they conduct all important services in ensuring that all preparations relating to a dignified burial are performed. Consequently, funeral parlours are well positioned to provide funeral insurance packages to their clients.

EQ8 Financial Services is a helping hand in providing competitively priced funeral scheme options underwritten by reputable insurance companies in South Africa.

Small Businesses

Start-ups, small to medium size companies which are not positioned to cater advanced benefits to their employees e.g. provident/pension fund. In the unfortunate event, of losing an employee or an employee loved one(s) they or the employee will be positioned to say goodbye in a dignified manner by being able to contribute towards the funeral expenses

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